Sunday, 23 December 2012

N3W L00K

Hye earthling! its been so long that im not writing my blog.
i know my blog been so boring for y'all to read because im not a good writer.
n now i got a few story to tell you guys, which is not a wonderful story to heard about.

By the way, before i start writing i had change new look of my blog n a little bit of decoration n edit this n that but the main template is not myself who is editing.
But its took me and a week or two for edit the blog, the difficult part its to transparent the header :'(
n i still cant do it!!
Anyway, i hope you will enjoy it..

The new about me... im having my holiday because i just end my semester 3 and relaxing at home, sometime i hangout with my friend n sister.. i dont work because i got to take care of my sick cat, by the way i have a part time job, just a little bit bisness of my own
im sell kind like petshop n other stuff too, only no shop just at home by online..

Emmm my result?? i think i want keep it as a secret because i need to focus more n do more practise!!
anyway i had keep it up a little bit then before for y'all information ..

thanz 4 come n visit again.

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