Monday, 28 March 2011


One day,I quarrel wit buddy..I said 2 buddy I can live without her.The day after dat,I went 2 school alone.BoRiNg..I was ego n said I can sing..When I sat in classroom n looked beside.Naught..I was stil ego n said i can hear what teacher taught.Recess time,I go 2 canteen bought food like usual.Very odd..I ate until full.Going home,all alone 2.HOT..I said getting Hot is nothng 2 do wit friendship.In dat evening,I want 2 the smilling when saw saw children playing.See I can stil smile without buddy.Then I saw a pink note lying near me..I read n sooner realised my eyes was filled with tears.The next day, when I went 2 school,I saw buddy..I hugged her n ask 4 forgivenes.I said "u know wht..myb I could sing all day but it's like lyric without melody bcz there's no one 2 sing wit me.myb I can hear wht teacher said but not focus bcz there's no one 2 tell me 2 listen n focus wit me.myb I can ate until full but it's 2 full bcz there's no one 2 shared wit me.myb I could go home in a hot day but not on a rainy day bcz there's no one 2 share umbrella wit me.myb I can smile all day but not sincerly bcz there's no one smilling wit me"..

thanz 4 come n visit again.